The Origin Story

Hi 👋 I'm Cam, the Founder & CEO of Chipped

Cam Lindsay, founder of Chipped nail polish and nail lacquer, a male-focused nail polish and content brand

As you can see, I've been a fan of nail polish for a while now. When I was 4, I loved polish because I thought pirates wore it (I loved pirates ☠️ ). I believe I love nail polish today for similar reasons as I did back then:

  • It's expressive.
  • It looks badass.
  • It adds color to my outfits and my always-moving hands.
  • It's just kinda fun to break rules I disagree with.

Between the years of 4 and 19, I went on a lil nail polish sabbatical. That sabbatical was broken once I got mani-pedi's with a dear friend. When I told the stylist I wanted "clear," my friend looked at me with a confused look on her face.

"But Cam, you love color! Why would you get a clear coat on your nails if you love color?" Realizing she was 100% right, I found the brightest fire-red color they had and left the salon a new man 💪

Founder of Chipped nail polish and nail lacquer, a male-focused nail polish and content brand

While she may not have known it, my friend did something really important that day:

She gave me permission to be fully myself.

Not enough men have the fortune of being encouraged to embrace themselves fully. Chipped is my attempt to change that. In founding Chipped, my main curiosity is whether a company can fulfill the same role that my friend did.

Can Chipped give men permission to be fully themselves?

I sure hope we can. Because I suspect that doing so may address the source of so much of the pain, trauma, and unnecessary suffering caused by toxic masculinity and the centuries of unquestioned norms and standards men live by every day.

I am so happy you're here and I can't wait to change the world together, one nail at a time ◡̈ 

Much love,