Living Chipped

At Chipped, we aim to foster healthy masculinity by pioneering a new masculine culture; one that enables greater meaning, depth, and peace for everyone. Culture is created through your everyday actions, so to get a sense of the culture we aim to embody, here is how we live:

We live perfectly imperfect lives

To be chipped is to have lived; for each moment to have happened fully. We think the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi Sabi is spot on in valuing the beauty of all things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. So when the polish starts chipping, we celebrate it! We celebrate impermanence because it signifies we're alive.

We advocate for the human spirit

At our core, we believe humans are dope. Sure, there are some annoying ones here and there, but inside each of us is a spirit that deserves to be seen and valued by the world. We've concluded good things happen when you wholeheartedly seek to enliven the human spirit. We also think the human spirit is easily enlivened by nail polish 😉

We feel emotions fully 

While emotions are not always the easiest to understand, we love them all the same (and not just the go-to "manly" emotions like anger, confidence, and ambivalence). By feeling our emotions all the way, they get the attention they deserve and we get to experience a more authentic, healthy, and in-tune version of ourselves. And that's the best!

We don't always have the answer

And guess what? That's ok! Although rarely advocated for, we think sitting in the murkiness of uncertainty and doubt is deeply meaningful. The willingness to not know is an act of courage and vulnerability, and we love those two things.