Donation Ethos

Why We Donate

At Chipped, we feel it's our responsibility to work every day to improve ourselves and the world. While inner work is essential (and we have firsthand experience how wearing nail polish can be deeply healing in that process), many issues in the world require us to show up beyond ourselves in order to contribute to a greater future for everyone.

We donate 15% of our profits because we see it as our opportunity to play a larger role in building a better world. We think it's beautiful for each purchase to not only help an individual on their respective journey of inner-awakening, but also help a cause that they may not otherwise be aware of or know is worth donating to.

How We Donate

Each color we release is attached to a cause that it can represent. Not only does this introduce greater significance behind the color, it also enables us to bridge industries and worlds in order to learn and grow beyond nail polish.