Polish for the Unpolished

Why the Focus on Men?

Because we thought it was about damn time a brand encouraged men to put some color on their fingers! There are plenty of masculine norms we find problematic, but nail polish was one we thought would be a fun place to start.

The Bundle
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The Polish

Not only does our polish dry with a matte-finish (keeping your digits sleek as hell), it's also 7-free & animal-cruelty free (meaning it's non-toxic, but check our FAQ to learn the lingo). Our polish is also made in the USA! 🇺🇸 

The Causes

For each polish you buy, we donate 15% of all profits to a cause attached to that color. Each non-profit addresses topics we deem essential in repairing the damages of toxic masculinity. Click the button below to learn about why we selected the Batch 1 non-profits.